Friday, September 13, 2013

Another 8 month old in this family

I was kind of shocked to look at this blog and see that the last time I posted Ellie was just turning 8 months old. LOL. I've had an another child and another 8 months has passed since his birth! Max turns 8 months on the 20th. And yes, that makes Ellie TWO YEARS OLD in just 3 days. We've now moved twice since that last posting. To Oxnard from LA, and now to Camarillo from Oxnard. We are renting a house 4 minutes away from Randy's work and life just keeps getting better. And also crazier.

Maximus David Hulme

Maximus to the Awesomus
(My son was born with a natural mohawk. Yes, he IS perfect)

We aren't the only ones obssesed with him!


                                                   Every morning I get to wake up to this!

                        So this is our family now! Quite enough to handle for the time being.

Until our next child is turning 8 months old then, LOL. Hopefully not quite that long.


Oh and one more.....
                                                             HAPPY FRIDAY :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This little babe is turning 8 months old tomorrow!

Happy 26th Birthday!

Prime Rib
                                                           Strawberry Viniagarette Salad
                                                          Spicy Sausage Stuffed Zuccini
                                                                   Fresh Raspberries
                                                                Fried Brussle Sprouts
                                                            Chicken Grape Salad Pittas
                                                              Classic Mashed Potatos
                                                      Chocolate Covered Strawberries
                                                            Parmesan Baked Veggies
                                                       Butternut Squash in Sweet Sauce
                                                             Our Favorite Garlic Bread
                                                              Mint Lemon Water
And finally Randy's Vanilla and Almond flavored cake!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yes, this is my new blog!

Ever had the eperience of being pregnant, forgetting your password to the email address you've had since you were 15, and then having the wrong answer saved for your security question? Well I have. RIP I will never again get to look through your contents.

So my previous blog,, is no longer in use. It was suffering from negelect as it was.

Hopefully I have more success with this blog and my new email address, This blog will be a log of my family's lives as well as a place for me to get all my random thoughts out. Oh, and hopefully do that in a Hulmearus way.

Get it??? Hulme-A(for Alyssa)R(for Randy)-US. Hah.